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One thing that alleviated my fear from moving my so money often is recently I went into my TSP and looked at my number of shares I had in the beginning of January. I then looked at the price of TSP shares now versus January. I’m way ahead of the game from moving my money and parking in G as compared to buying and holding. I wasn’t a believer before, but after I did this analysis I am.
- Jeffery L. (Current Subscriber)
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I gotta say that I get the warm fuzzies when I think of how much this group has improved since I joined not even a year ago. I feel like my 2 big brothers, Jerry and Conan, are helping me learn about charts and keeping my money safe. I love the new little video in the member dashboard, the new middle of the week video, and all the other additional stuff they have been doing. Shows how much time these guys are willing to give us to make sure we have good knowledge of our retirement accounts. Being a member has been a great investment for me.
- Sherri H. (Current Subscriber)
I just learned about your website and membership from my colleague, who is 56 and able to fully retire from Federal service.   Thanks so much for putting out so much great information on your website and Facebook group.  I’ve read the e-book, just finished the welcome webinar, and watched last week's YouTube.  So much good information, and I feel like I understand the market better now than I ever did before.  I'm typically the type of person that gets stressed thinking about money (leave it and forget it mentality) but your approach makes so much sense to me.
- Marianne N. (FB Group Member)
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The losses I could have suffered the past TWO days, had I not followed the members only alert would have been heartbreaking. I calculated that the money saved by following the alert would pay for membership into the GMTSP members only group for 32 YEARS. That would take me to age 98. Give it a look people; get educated.
- Robert Wolff. (Current Subscriber)
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