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We are providing these live charts for reference and education only. At this point we are very limited on how we can customize them and embed them on our page. It is recommended that you view this page on a desktop device. You may need to refresh your browser occasionally.

TradingView is kind enough to let us embed live charts directly on our page. With that in mind, we are unable to provide “support” with respect to issues with the charts below.

We recommend that you use these charts for quick reference. If you want to do more thorough analysis, then go to and set up a user account to customize your charts to your hearts content.

Live charts are not available on mobile devices. 
Charts must be viewed on desktop size screens due to formatting and size limitations
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Watch this video for a few tips on how to use the charts below:
C Fund (Symbol SPY)
S Fund (Symbol VXF)
I Fund (Symbol EFA)
F Fund (Symbol AGG)
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