Our Performance

Here you can find our average annual rate of return, Sharpe Ratio, and PIP. Please note that these are our own personal performance indicators and are no guarantee of future performance.

5 Year Annual Return & Sharpe Ratio

For Grow My TSP

Jan 2016 to Dec 2020

Average annual return, along with the Sharpe Ratio, gives insight into how risky an investment strategy is compared to its potential return. We at Grow My TSP want to minimize downside risk while maximizing our returns when the overall market is trending up.

Average Annual Rate Of Return

Last 5 Years

This is not the PIP. This is the actual average rate of return for each year from 2016-2020 in our TSP account. We share this to give perspective using what the traditional financial services industry uses as an investment performance indicator.

Sharpe Ratio

Last 5 Years

The Sharpe Ratio helps us determine our risk adjusted return. The best portfolio is not necessarily the portfolio with the highest return. The best portfolio would have a high rate of return and low risk. A Sharpe Ratio above 1.0 is considered to be low risk relative to the return of the portfolio.

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TSP Personal Investment Performance (PIP)

For Grow My TSP

The PIP for each individual TSP investor is calculated using the Modified Dietz Method. It is a snapshot of your personal investment performance. It is not designed to be compared to another investor’s PIP. 

We recommend calculating your own Sharpe Ratio to better understand how much risk is associated with YOUR PIP. Investors should strive for the highest PIP and the highest Sharpe Ratio. 

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PIP for 2020

PIP as of 31 July 2021

As always, this is not a recommendation or financial advice. We are sharing what we are doing in our own personal TSP account.

Feel free to follow, disregard, or make adjustments based on your personal risk tolerance. Some may choose to be more aggressive, or more conservative, based on their personal situation. The performance indicators listed are no guarantee of future performance. 

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