Welcome to Grow My Thrift Savings Plan!

The sole focus of this blog is to assist Federal employees and Military service members in maximizing their TSP retirement accounts.  I have managed my own TSP account for over 20 years and helped numerous colleagues grow their account in the 1990s while avoiding disaster in the 2000s…

There are lots of ways to play the TSP game.  I’m a Technical Analyst, or “Chartist”.  I use the price chart of the TSP funds, apply a variety of analytic tools, and determine the most effective times to reallocate funds for maximum gains.  Sounds complicated but, in reality, it’s pretty straight forward once you understand the concept and the tools.

Every weekend I will post a summary of what happened with the TSP funds during the previous week.  In between those weekly posts, I will be getting everyone up to speed on my TSP management philosophy, what tools and charts I use, what’s going on on Capital Hill that will effect TSP account holders, and any other valuable TSP info that I can put out.

In the mean time, please read the Terms and Conditions tab.  It’s very legalese and is designed to keep me out of trouble.  This blog is designed to Educate, NOT Manage your TSP account for you!  As we said above, there are lots of ways to play the TSP game.  Every account holder needs to find the game that is right for them.  I am offering A way but, not the only way.

Take a look at the chart below.  It’s a bit over simplified but, if you made just those 4 moves over the past 19 years, you would be sitting on quite a nest egg!  More on this chart in future posts…

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I’m looking forward to a great 2016!

– Jerry Haran




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      1. Hello,
        I would lime to sign up for the annual membership. I only paid for a month as a trial. Please let me know how I can go about signing up for the annual one.


        1. Hi Shusila,
          Please go to the Support link at the bottom of the home page. You can make a request there and we can update your account to the annual vs monthly. Thanks!