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Weekly Update Newsletter: 08 August 2021

https://vimeo.com/584547439 It was a relatively uneventful summer week for the TSP funds until Friday morning... On the first Friday of each month, at 8:30AM, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics releases the Employment Situation Summary, AKA, the Jobs Report. This...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 01 August 2021

We ended July with a volatile week but, the 6th consecutive month of new highs for the S&P500 (C fund). For the week the C fund finished down 0.37%, S fund down 0.03%, I fund up 0.34%, and the F fund up 0.22%. This week we'll take a look at comparative seasonality...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 25 July 2021

It was another extremely volatile week for the TSP funds. In the end, much like we've seen since last November, the C fund found support at its 50DMA and continued to new all-time highs. For the week, the C fund finished up 1.96%, S fund up 3.39%, I fund up 1.15%, and...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 18 July 2021

It was a tough week for the TSP stock funds. All three were down with the S fund leading the way. For the week the C fund was down 0.97%, S fund down 4.13%, and I fund down 1.56%. The F fund was the only positive for the week, up 0.19%. Last week we looked at both the...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 11 July 2021

It was a crazy, volatile week for all of the TSP funds. By the close on Friday, the C fund finished up 0.40 for the week, the S fund was down 0.42%, I fund up 0.28, and the F fund was also up 0.28%. Price action this week shows the importance of looking at both the...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 04 July 2021

Happy Independence Day! It was a mixed week for TSP investors. We saw a lot of strength in the C and F funds, a healthy pull back in the S fund, and the I fund on the brink of a serious problem (or a bottom?)... For the week, the C fund finished up 1.67%, S fund down...

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