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Weekly analysis of how the market is doing and how that might impact the TSP

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Weekly Update Newsletter : 19 September 2021

https://vimeo.com/608300942/18c474c1b6 2 consecutive down weeks for the C fund. The last time we saw 2 consecutive down weeks was back in February 2021. On the third week back then, the C fund hit a low at its 20WMA and then recovered. Will we see similar support this...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 12 September 2021

https://vimeo.com/602852409/c1b0d197ad It was a rough week for the TSP stock funds. We haven't seen 5 consecutive down days for the C fund since late February. The question is, are we beginning a major melt-down or just seasonal volatility? For the week the C fund was...

Weekly Update Newsletter : 05 September 2021

https://vimeo.com/598421396/642f741f24 It was a constructive week for all TSP stock funds. The C, S, and I funds added to last weeks gains while the F fund held above an important support level. For the week the C and S funds both gained 0.58%, I fund added 1.70%, and...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 29 August 2021

https://vimeo.com/593787883/e4b7eaf112 It was a very big week for the TSP stock funds. The S fund led the stock funds higher with a gain of 4.39%, C fund up 1.52%, I fund up 1.57%, and F fund down 0.05%. We saw some important underlying movement in the market this...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 22 August 2021

https://vimeo.com/590328506/d73682786f It was a very rocky week for the TSP stock funds. The only silver lining is that the C fund found support at its 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) line and then recovered most of the weekly losses. The S and I funds did not fare nearly...

Weekly Update Newsletter: 15 August 2021

https://vimeo.com/587234916/51cf297430 It was a mixed week for the TSP funds with the I fund leading the way for the 3rd consecutive week. For the week the C fund was up 0.71%, S fund down 0.54%, I fund up 1.38%, and F fund up 0.16%. This week we're doing a deep dive...

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