Sunday Update

Sunday Update: 50% C Fund, 50% G Fund Until Further Notice.

As great a day as last Friday was for the market, this Friday was almost as bad in the opposite direction. Last Friday the market broke out of the consolidation range and this Friday it tanked right back to the middle of that range. This is a very tough market to go “All In”, which is why we’re only 50% in… I was hoping the market would follow thru on the upside today but, hope is not a strategy so we’ll just have to go with it.

I really don’t want to make my 2nd Interfund Transfer (IFT) this early in the month but, I’m watching the 1850 level very closely. Any close below 1850 is a very sign. Stay tuned…

Take a look at my last post to understand the dilemma of using the 2nd IFT so early in the month.

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