Sunday Update: 24 April 2016

Sunday Update: 33% C Fund, 33% S Fund, 34% I Fund Until Further Notice

Since the IFT alert on 13 April, all 3 stock funds have continued higher.  The C fund is now pulling away from its 200DMA and is pulling the 50DMA up with it.  We want to see the 50DMA get above and stay above the 200DMA.



Long Term

On a weekly basis, all 3 stock funds are looking strong right now but each also has head winds to consider.  The C fund is well above its 50WMA.  It needs to close above the all time high of 2135 to really gain some upward momentum.

The S fund closed at the top of the range for the week, is right at the 50WMA, and its MACD still has room to move up.  If it can break above the 50WMA, the S fund could lead us to new highs.

The last 2 weeks have been huge for the I fund.  After 2 very strong weeks, it may be seeing some resistance at the 50WMA and then at the 200WMA.  If the I fund can push thru these resistance areas it could lead us to new highs.





There is no way to tell where this market is going.  2135 on the S&P500 (C Fund) is a critical number to watch.  If the S&P can get above its all time high, it will likely continue up.  Election years are usually great for the market.

By no means are we out of the woods yet.  All three stock funds could easily roll over from here so we need to be vigilant.  A solid long term trend has not yet been established.

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