Sunday Update: 09 October 2016

Sunday Update: 100% G Fund

It was a very slow first week of October for the markets.  All 3 of the stock funds finished down for the week, though not by much.  Volume was relatively light, meaning not a lot of shares were traded this week.  October can have some of the largest price fluctuations of the year so, stay tuned.  A lot can happen over the next couple of weeks.  In the mean time, I will stay 100% G fund, collecting small gains but without exposure to market risk.

Short Term

On the short term chart below, the C fund is consolidating below its 50 Day Moving Average (DMA).  This is not a good sign.  As long as the 50DMA acts as a ceiling, the C fund will continue lower.  We need to see a pop above the 50DMA to get the short term trend turned around.


Long Term

On the weekly charts below, all 3 stock funds are consolidating above their respective 50 Week Moving Average (WMA) which is a good sign.  We need to see the technical indicators move to oversold levels OR the price charts break to new highs.  Either could get me back into the stock funds.  For the time being, I’m waiting in the G fund for Mr. Market to make up its mind…





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