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* Alert * : 21 February 2020

New Allocation: 67% G Fund, 33% F Fund. This was the 3rd reallocation in the month of February.  As a result, we can only increase our holdings in the G fund.  Since the F fund is doing very well, I left 33% in the F fund and reallocated my C and S holdings...

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Charting ratios can really help us to "see" what's happening in the underlying market.  Knowing where money is flowing can help us anticipate price movements within the TSP stock funds.  One VERY USEFUL ratio is Consumer Staples vs Nasdaq Composite Index (the chart...

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Fibonacci Extensions

Fibonacci numbers are a very powerful tool in your technical analysis tool box.  We have discussed Fibonaccis many times in Alerts and Sunday Updates.  The post is a Fibonacci analysis of the C fund based on this article by J.C Parets at   I HIGHLY...

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Are We At A Bottom??

It's been a VERY tough month for the TSP stock funds.  The C fund is down almost 6% for the month!  If you're a follower of this site, you know that my #1 Rule is DON'T LOSE MONEY.  That being the case, I've had a ton of questions over the past week regarding current...

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Risk Management

How do we manage risk in our TSP account?  "Risk" is defined in many different ways by TSP investors. Conventional wisdom attaches risk to your age.  You should be in "riskier" stock funds when you're young because you have time to absorb the ups and downs of the...

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My Returns

Over the past several months, I've had a number of new and old subscribers request to see my personal returns, specifically during the market crash of 2007-2008.  In this post I'm going to show the actual year end dollar value of my personal TSP account from 2006 thru...

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Death Cross vs Golden Cross

One of the best tools in the technical analysis tool bag is moving average lines.  The 50 Day Moving Average (DMA) and the 200 Day Moving Average (DMA) allow us two different perspectives of the "forest without the trees".  The 50DMA is the average closing price over...

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