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How Do I Get in Sync with

This post is an update to Getting In Sync from March 2020. You definitely want to go back and read it! This is a question we hear several times every week. "I'm so happy to have found this TSP group! I understand what you guys are doing and it makes a lot of sense. I...

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An Example Of Technical Analysis On The Fly

Here's the scenario... It's 10:30AM East Coast time. I need to decide if today is the day to make a reallocation decision within my TSP account. I've already studied the long term (weekly) and short term (daily) charts. I know the market is at a possible inflection...

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Passive vs. Active TSP Investment Strategies

There are only 2 kinds of TSP investors, Passive and Active. The TSP can be a very big piece of your overall retirement plan but, it doesn’t happen on its own. Most people understand this but don’t have the time or interest needed to really maximize their TSP. Determining what type of investor you are is another soul searching, but very valuable, exercise.

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Did I Lock-in Gains or Losses??

I don't often trade individual stocks. My focus is on TSP and the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that make up the Sectors of the market. However, I occasionally dabble in individual stocks if I see something that interests me, from a technical perspective. In this post,...

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Market Update: 02 March 2021

Technical Analysis Takes Away The Guesswork Volatility has been the name of the game for the past 2 weeks! The S&P500 (C fund) has been jumping above and below its 10DMA (Day Moving Average) in relatively large intra-day swings. As of today's close, all 3 TSP...

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Getting In Sync

The Bull Market that we have enjoyed since 2009 has come to an end.  We are finally forced to look at the reality that the market DOES NOT always go up.  If you have been evenly allocated between the 3 TSP stock funds since mid-February, your account reflects a paper...

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Personalized TSP Coaching Opportunity

With the stock market collapsing and Coronavirus fear spreading like wild fire, I have received a ton of email and website comments asking for an answer to one very specific question:  "I am still in the stock funds.  I have lost a lot of money!  Can you tell me what...

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It Depends

“I didn't make the reallocation when the Alert came out! (was on vacation, didn’t see the email, the dog ate my home work.. whatever) What do I do now? "  It Depends is the most honest answer I can give. It depends on a ton of variables including: What’s your risk...

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