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Getting In Sync

The Bull Market that we have enjoyed since 2009 has come to an end.  We are finally forced to look at the reality that the market DOES NOT always go up.  If you have been evenly allocated between the 3 TSP stock funds since mid-February, your account reflects a paper...

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Personalized TSP Coaching Opportunity

With the stock market collapsing and Coronavirus fear spreading like wild fire, I have received a ton of email and website comments asking for an answer to one very specific question:  "I am still in the stock funds.  I have lost a lot of money!  Can you tell me what...

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It Depends

“I didn't make the reallocation when the Alert came out! (was on vacation, didn’t see the email, the dog ate my home work.. whatever) What do I do now? "  It Depends is the most honest answer I can give. It depends on a ton of variables including: What’s your risk...

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* Alert * : 21 February 2020

New Allocation: 67% G Fund, 33% F Fund. This was the 3rd reallocation in the month of February.  As a result, we can only increase our holdings in the G fund.  Since the F fund is doing very well, I left 33% in the F fund and reallocated my C and S holdings to the G...

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Charting ratios can really help us to "see" what's happening in the underlying market.  Knowing where money is flowing can help us anticipate price movements within the TSP stock funds.  One VERY USEFUL ratio is Consumer Staples vs Nasdaq Composite Index (the chart...

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Fibonacci Extensions

Fibonacci numbers are a very powerful tool in your technical analysis tool box.  We have discussed Fibonaccis many times in Alerts and Sunday Updates.  The post is a Fibonacci analysis of the C fund based on this article by J.C Parets at   I HIGHLY...

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