Supporting Suicide Prevention for Veterans and First Responders

10% of each new subscription during the next week will go to support

Save The Sheepdog Foundation

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, June is National PTSD Awareness Month, and we are about to observe Memorial Day.

We here at Grow My TSP felt this was a good time to show support and draw attention to a new non-profit dedicated to the prevention of suicides among Military Veterans and First Responders: The Save The Sheepdog Foundation.

Jerry and Conan, the founders of Grow My TSP, are both military veterans and retired law enforcement officers. Conan is one of the founders of the foundation, and Jerry has recently joined the Board Of Directors. Both are committed to helping this organization succeed. 

They have personally been impacted by the loss of friends due to this epidemic level of suicides among our military personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical services personnel.

We have committed to donate 10% of all yearly subscriptions or monthly subscriptions (for the whole year of the monthly membership).  This is for all subscribers from Friday May 28 to Friday June 4 2021.


This initial promotion is just for one week to help draw awareness to this new non-profit. However, we are working on a formal partnership with the Save The Sheepdog Foundation to provide ongoing support to their mission. 

Want To Show Support?

Subscribe as either a Monthly or Yearly member and we will donate 10% of your subscription, for the next year, to support suicide prevention.