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Good call. I was expecting an alert and made sure I was by my computer… Thanks for a greatly July! I am starting to see retirement on the horizon.

Jerry S. (from GrowMyTSP Facebook Group)

Federal Civilian

We help our members take the fear out of managing their TSP account by:

Providing you educational information so you can learn how to grow your TSP account within YOUR risk tolerance.


Sending you real-time alerts via email, sms, and social media when it is time to make fund allocation changes.

Posting Weekly Update videos and blog posts that let you know what is going on in the market and how that impacts your TSP.

There are fundamental rules to growing your TSP balance.

These rules may sound simple, and they are...but you MUST be actively managing how your money is allocated within the TSP funds.

We can help you do that with our Weekly Updates and our Allocation Alerts.

Don't Lose Money

TSP is a long term investment vehicle! Treat it as such.

Albert Einstein is said to have called “the power of compound interest the most powerful force in the universe.”  There is nothing more important than the effect of time on your TSP nest egg.  The more time you have to save and invest, the better off you will be.  This may be intuitively obvious but, when you really look at the numbers, the effect of compound interest is Mind Blowing!  Start contributing to your TSP NOW, and keep contributing, whether the market is going up or down.

Be In The Stock Funds When The Market Is Trending Up

The TSP utilizes 3 stock index funds and 1 bond fund (C, S, I and F) to provide broad diversification within few fund choices.

You must manage your allocations to be in the stock funds when the market is trending up.

G Fund When The Market Is Trending Down

When the over-all market is trending down, the value of your TSP account will decrease over time. To prevent this, the TSP offers the G Fund as an option. (It cannot have a negative return, by law)

Know Your Risk Tolerance

How you invest in the TSP is a very personal decision based on a number of considerations.

We can help educate you on how to evaluate risk, and help validate your decisions through our technical analysis.

Monthly Subscription

  • In-depth market technical analysis
  • Current Allocation Recommendations
  • Allocation Alerts via SMS, Email & Social Media
  • Weekly Videos (Market and TSP Updates)
  • A dedicated Facebook Group
  • News from across the spectrum specifically affecting your Federal or Military retirement

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