TSP Retirement Colorado

TSP Retirement Colorado

One very important thing to understand about the TSP is that it is a retirement account, not a brokerage account. The Thrift Savings Plan is a vehicle designed to build wealth for retirement.  It is not a “day trading” platform.  You must treat the TSP like a marathon, not a sprint. Daily and weekly volatility are much less important than monthly and yearly performance.


Your TSP can make the difference between financial freedom in retirement or taking a second job to make ends meet.

The TSP is a critical component of your Federal or Military retirement package.  It is also the one component over which you have some level of control.  There are many ways to play the TSP game within the categories of Passive or Active investing.  Each TSP investor must decide for themselves which methodology resonates and fits within their personal circumstances. The TSP can be a very big piece of your overall retirement plan but, it doesn’t happen on its own. Most people understand this but don’t have the time or interest needed to really maximize their TSP. Determining what type of investor you are is another soul searching, but very valuable, exercise.

If you choose the active investing route and the GrowMyTSP methodology resonates with you, then sign up and become a Member of our Site.  We are primarily an education service.  Our goal is to educate Federal employees and Military service members to effectively manage their own TSP accounts with confidence, and within their individual circumstances and risk tolerance. 


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