TSP Fund Colorado

TSP Fund Colorado


Our mission at GrowMyTSP.com is to maximize our TSP account given the restrictions of the TSP rules, the TSP Funds available for us to trade, and the price movement of the market over time. 

There are fundamental rules to growing your TSP balance. These rules may sound simple, and they are…but you MUST be actively managing how your money is allocated within the TSP funds. Every week we write an in-depth analysis of what the market is doing and how it impacts the TSP funds specifically, with charts and commentary. We can help you do that with our Weekly Updates and our Allocation Alerts.

1. Don’t Lose Money – TSP is a long term investment vehicle! Treat it as such.
2. Be In The Stock Funds When The Market Is Trending Up
3. G Fund When The Market Is Trending Down
4. Know Your Risk Tolerance

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