TSP Calculator Alaska

TSP Calculator Alaska


A Thrift Savings Plan Calculator is something you will use throughout the various stages of your career.  The TSP Calculator on the TSP.gov site allows you to play around and get a sense of the power of compounding and how it effects your final retirement number.  The growth of your TSP account is largely based on the time value of money. If you are just beginning your federal career, you have lots of time to grow your account thru the power of compounding. The closer you are to retirement, the less impact the power of compounding has for you. 

One very important thing to understand about the TSP is that it is a retirement account, not a brokerage account. The Thrift Savings Plan is a vehicle designed to build wealth for retirement.  It is not a “day trading” platform.  You must treat the TSP like a marathon, not a sprint. Daily and weekly volatility are much less important than monthly and yearly performance. Using the TSP calculator can help inform you as you make investment decisions with your thrift savings plan.


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