* ALERT * : 31 December 2019

New Allocation: 100% G Fund

The C fund closed Monday just above its 10DMA, following a reversal on Friday off of the 3250 high.  Ideally, the 5 wave pattern that began at the beginning of October will complete with 1 final push higher but it’s not necessary.  The C fund is up approximately 13% since the early October low.    Given the chart pattern and in an effort to lock in gains since October, I am reallocating to 100% G fund today.

We are due for a correction but it does not need to be significant.  Ideally the C fund will find support at its 50DMA (about a 5% move down from 3250).  Support at that level would set us up for a big move higher in the first quarter of 2020.  More on that if it plays out.  IF we do not get support at the 50DMA, a more significant decline is likely.  Again, we need to let it play out…

We may see a few more days of upside but, give the totality of the circumstances, I’m comfortable reallocating to 100% G fund at this time.  Please post question to comment or email.


Happy New Year!



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    1. Hi Diane,

      As I understand your question, you and your husband both have TSP accounts but you are retired. One option would be to move your TSP the same as his. There are many other options since you are retired. I would strongly advise going to see a Fee Only financial planner who could look at all of your circumstances and help you develop a holistic plan.

  1. Hi Jerry, thanks for the reply. When I retired I moved 3/4 of my TSP to a financial planner. I still have around $65,000 left in TSP and this is what I use for monthly withdrawal. I’m trying to keep this money from not running out for as long as possible.

    1. Awesome Dianne! Then, yes. I would move what you have left in TSP along with your husband’s account.
      Congrats on your retirement!