* Alert * : 18 February 2020

New Allocation: 34% C Fund, 33% S Fund, 33% F Fund.

The I fund has lagged the C, S and F funds for some time.  With the expansion of the Coronavirus AND the gap below the 10DMA and 50DMA today, I am reallocating 33% from the I fund to the F fund.

While the chart of the I fund below does not look good, the F fund is doing very well.  The F fund found support at its 10DMA in recent days and is breaking to new highs today.

This move achieves the following.  First, it alleviates all risk from the I fund and 1/3 of the stock fund exposure.  Second, it gets us into a fund that has a great chart pattern.  Finally, it reduces the overall risk as equities continue to climb higher.  

This is the second reallocation for the month.  Any further reallocations in the remaining 8 trading days in February can only increase holdings in the G fund.  

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  1. Once again I missed the 12 noon deadline to make the changes for today. The alerts sent very close to the deadline plus the fact that I’m not on EST makes it very difficult to be timely. Are you going to send alerts through text messages? Not everyone checks their emails within the hour and a half window between you sending the alerts and the EST noon deadline. Thanks.

    1. Tracy,
      We are working with a text software company at the moment to get text alerts added. There have been some technical hurdles to getting it to work seamlessly with during testing. We should have an email out within the week explaining the new text alert feature. Sorry for the delay.

      Customer Support