*Alert*: 11 May 2018

New Allocation: 34%C Fund, 33%S Fund, 33%I Fund.

Volume was not great yesterday on the breakout thru the trend line. However, price is the #1 factor in market direction.  Taking into account the short term pattern since January and the long term Elliott Wave count since early 2016, I’m looking for this to be the beginning of the next leg up that completes the 2 year, 5 wave cycle.  More to follow in this weekend’s post.

The C fund chart below shows the breakout thru the trend line and technical indicators moving up.  The I fund chart shows support at the 50DMA with the beginning of a new 5 wave advance.  A great sign!

Have a great weekend!



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  1. I have just signed up and I am sitting with 89.71% in L2040 and 10.29% in the G Fund. Do you recommend that I switch to the 11May18 recommendation of allocation or wait until your next update? Thanks!

    1. I would hold what you have until the next Alert. Since you’re primarily in the 2040 fund, you’re mostly exposed to the C,S, and I funds anyway. It will be easier for you to track if you make the move on the next Alert.